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Information and Communication Technologies are indispensable tools to ensure the competitiveness of companies. They have transformed our way of working and managing resources. They are key elements to making our work more productive: they streamline communications, foster teamwork, manage stocks, promote our products in the market, etc.

At Ategi we analyse the needs of our clients and in a joint purchasing basis, we negotiate strategic framework agreements with top international suppliers. This way our clients obtain preferential economic conditions, ensure a high standard of service and reduce operational and financial risks.

In this purchasing category, we cover two areas: IT and Communications.


At Ategi, we collaborate with our customers in IT planning while seeking to improve the costs of their business. We add value to our customers by negotiating with a network of leading suppliers and partners who design, integrate and manage technological solutions and services that are tailored to their needs, giving them competitive advantages for the development of their activity.



  • We negotiate framework agreements directly with top-tier computers manufacturers that include standardized IT products and systems that meet the needs of our customers. Nevertheless, because each company has specific needs, our customers can modify the specifications according to their requirements. Our management adds value not only thanks to the best economic conditions but also with a higher quality service in closer contact with our customer: we count with an official distributor near our clients, to ensure compliance with the deadlines agreed, thanks to a customized stock. In addition, the computer equipment has an extended in- plant warranty.
  • In order to keep our customers up to date on the prices and technological development, we review and update the catalogue on a quarterly basis.
  • The IT products and Systems included in the negotiation are:
    • PC desktops, notebooks, tablets, workstations, small and large displays, servers, and storage cabinets.
    • Switches, routers, Wi-FI equipment, and UPS systems.
    • Office Printers (all in one printers, single function printers, digital duplicators) and fax, production printers. Furthermore, our customers can benefit from a free print audit that improves their costs and document management operations
    • Audio visual systems (projectors, video conferencing systems).



  • We look for the best solutions in software licensing, according to the legal requirements, that needs of our clients, to fully respond our customers, no matter they are small and medium business, large corporate and multinational organisations. We optimise the cost by negotiating directly with the main software manufacturers.
  • We wish to ensure that our customers have the up to date technology they need at any time and, thus, we continuously explore specific productivity solutions.



We offer our customers expert advice and implementation of professional services, as well as managed global services that improve the company’s IT management and its productivity, that cover from data centre solutions or security audits to managed services solutions.

  • The main professional services we offer include:
    • Data Centre Services
    • Information Management Solutions
    • High-Performance Clusters
    • Cloud services
    • Network and Security
    • Customised training
    • User services
    • Relocation of production systems
    • Data shredding services
    • Desktop virtualisation
  • Global Managed Services
    • Help & Service Desk
    • Specialised onsite support services
    • Managed Services Solutions

Communications (Mobile telephony, landline telephony and data networks)

At Ategi, we help our customers to approach a digital transformation of their company with the most innovative solutions, allowing them to be ahead of their competitors. We focus our efforts on this category in the areas of advisory services and cost management.

  • We help them understand the evolution of ICT, and define main aspects of improvement and, finally, we plan the actions or projects to be carried out, including IP communications, mobile, collaboration tools, audio-visuals, etc. so that our client is ready to adapt quickly to new challenges, to work efficiently, be more productive and seize every opportunity
  • We lead the negotiations of fixed and mobile or VoIP telephony, cloud needs or internet data tailored to our clients’ business, we award the optimal supplier or integrator in each case and supervise the integration required.
  • In Cost Management, we minimize the resources the client must dedicate to this category and we manage in a comprehensive manner these four drivers:
    • Tariffs optimisation
    • Correct application of tariffs;
    • Expense planning;
    • Best practices.
  • We meet the needs of our customers in Europe, America and Asia.

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