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Our values


It comprises the strength of over 300 companies and business groups that have decided to centralize in ATEGI the management of their purchases to reduce their costs and increase their efficiency and business profitability.



Maximising the benefits of our customers and generating wealth in our environment moves us, motivates us and gets us involved. Contributing to have profitable and robust companies is an effective way to generate (ethical, social, labour, and environmental) sustainable progress in our society.



Know-how, professionalism, rigor, working methodology, team, experience, continuous improvement, etc.
ATEGI performs a specialised management of each of the purchasing categories (energy, transport, telecommunications, etc.), tailored to each customer’s need and providing an integral service of the purchasing process



Closeness, active listening and interaction are the key ingredients of communication. In addition, good communication is a window of opportunities for our customer management. Because trust is the basis of a good relationship, we are constantly striving to share how we work and our methodology with absolute transparency.

Our History

ATEGI was founded in 2001 in MONDRAGON Corporation, as an initiative to articulate the cooperation on purchases of the cooperatives.

The main objective in this phase has been to complete, promote, coordinate and strengthen their economic activity in the purchasing management area, as well as providing the services and benefits of this function.

After this early stage, a strategic growth period opened up, we expanded the field of activity and the added value to companies and business groups that were not part of MONDRAGON Corporation.

In line with our continuous development and expansion, another key milestone took place in 2016, when we integrated the international sourcing team of MONDRAGON Corporation into ATEGI. This enables us to provide this purchasing service, backed by a trajectory of over 15 years managing projects in international markets, to all ATEGI customers.

Within the 2017-2020 Strategic Framework, we will focus on the development of our customer-centric culture, with special emphasis on the overall cost optimisation of our customers and to enhance cooperation.

Our goal is to help our customers become more cost-efficient and competitive, wherever they are

Our customers (by sector)

Knowledge and Business Promotion

  • Mondragon Lingua, S. Coop.
  • Comunicación Multilingüe, SL.
  • Huhezi, S.COOP.
  • Mondragón Goi Eskola Politeknikoa, S. Coop.
  • Polo de Innovación Garaia, S. Coop.
  • Ikerlan, S. Coop.
  • MONDRAGON Centro de Promoción
  • Lortek, S Coop
  • Saiolan, S. A.
  • Euskaraz, Koop. Elk.

Industrial Systems

  • Ulma Construcción, S. Coop.
  • Ulma Forja, S. Coop.
  • Ulma Packaging, S. Coop.
  • Ulma Hormigón Polímero, S. Coop.
  • Ulma Manutención, S. Coop.
  • Ulma Servicios de Manutención, S. Coop.
  • Ulma Agrícola, S. Coop.
  • Ulma Conveyor Components, S. Coop.
  • Bilopack, S.L.
  • Bosco Steel Trading, S.L.
  • Centroman Norte, S.A.
  • Esenergía Vortex, S.L.
  • Integral Packaging Solutions S.L.
  • Stilimpo, S. L
  • Ulma Embedded Solutions
  • Ulma Innovación, S.L.
  • Ulma Lazkao Forging, S.L.
  • Ulma Packaging Technological Center, S. Coop.
  • Ulma Safe Handling Equipment, S. Coop.
  • Ulma Servicios de Packaging, S.L.


  • Fagor Healthcare, S. Coop
  • Osarten, S. Coop
  • Createch medical, S.L
  • Osatu, S. Coop.
  • Oiarso, S. Coop.
  • Fagor Healthcare, S. Coop.
  • Athlon, S. Coop


  • Dikar, S. Coop.
  • Ederfil Becker, S. Coop.
  • Eredu, S. Coop.
  • Hertell, S. Coop.


  • Fagor Ederlan, S. Coop.
  • Mapsa, S. Coop.
  • Fagor Ederlan Tafalla, S. Coop.
  • Clean Water Technology S.L.
  • Comarth Engineering, S.L.
  • Ecenarro, S. Coop.
  • Edertek, S. Coop.
  • Fagor Ederlan Borja, S.A.
  • Maier, S. Coop.
  • Cikautxo, S. Coop.
  • Maier Navarra, S.L.
  • Maier Ferroplast, S.Coop. Galega
  • Bernardo Ecenarro, S.A.
  • Cikatek, S. Coop.
  • Cikautxo S.A. Slovakia
  • Cikautxo Zaragoza, S.L.
  • Kauxot, S. L.
  • M.T.C. S. Coop.
  • Maier CZ -Euro
  • Paranoa – Cikautxo
  • Grupo Azpiaran
  • Grupo MZ
  • Saljoar, S.A.
  • Alcalá Industrial, S. A.
  • IPM Rubi
  • Meleghy Automotive Barcelona, S.A.
  • Siliconas Silam, S.A.
  • Onyarbi,S.A.
  • Panelfisa, S. Coop
  • Jesús Oñate y Hermanos, S.A.
  • Acisa, S.A.
  • Tratermic, SAL
  • Arteca Caucho-Metal, S.A.
  • Flanker mobiliario, S.A.
  • Nano Automotive, S.L.
  • RTS, S.A.


  • Desarrollos Mecánicos de Precisión, S.L.

  • Jegan, SAL

  • Gasori, S.L.

  • Mirvat, S. Coop.

  • Panel fijaciones, S. Coop

  • Royde, S. Coop

  • Rpk, S. Coop

  • Rubber lan, S. Coop

  • Sendotu, S. Coop


  • Goitek lanon, SL
  • Calderería y Montajes, S. Coop
  • Arrospe, S. Coop

Graphic services

  • MCC Graphics, S. Coop
  • Cevagraf, S.L.
  • Litografía Alavesa, SL


  • Fundiciones San Antonio Urkiola, S.L
  • Furesa, S. Coop.

Industrial Assembly

  • Coopenor, S. Coop


  • Caja Laboral Popular, Coop. de Crédito
  • Arrasate Manipulados, S.L.
  • Lagun Aro EPSV
  • Lagun Aro Servicios, S. Coop.
  • Lagun Aro Vida, S.A.
  • Seguros Lagun Aro A.I.E
  • Seguros Lagun Aro, S.A.

Machine tools

  • Danobat, S. Coop.
  • Soraluce, S. Coop.
  • Goiti, S. Coop.
  • Goimek, S. Coop.
  • Latz, S. Coop.
  • Centro Tecnológico Ideko, A.I.E.
  • Danobat Fibra, S. Coop.
  • Danobat Railway Systems, S. Coop.
  • Grupo Danobat, S. Coop.
  • Ideko, S. Coop.
  • Lakber Mecanizados, S.L.
  • Forjas Albisu, SA

Engineering and Services

  • Abantail, S. Coop.
  • Alecop, S. Coop.
  • Comunidad de Propietarios Edificio LKS
  • Edulan, S.L.
  • Fillpack, S.L.
  • LKS Auditores, S.L.P.
  • LKS Buildingenia, S.L
  • LKS Ingeniería, S. Coop.
  • LKS Menoska, S.L.
  • LKS, S. Coop.
  • LKS Tasaciones, S.A.
  • Managed Learning Solutions, S.L.
  • MCC Telecom, S. Coop.
  • Ondoan, S. Coop.
  • Ondoan Servicios S.A.
  • Prorail Ingenieros Civiles, S.L.
  • Ethicalia inversiones
  • Agintzari, S. Coop
  • Aritu, S. Coop
  • Berjantzi, S. Coop
  • Caritas Koopera, S. Coop
  • Catlan, S. Coop
  • Ekiber, S. Coop
  • Ekorrepara, S. Coop
  • Ekorropa,S. Coop
  • Emun, S. Coop
  • Eskoop, S. Coop
  • Goiena Komunikazio Zerbitzuak, Koop. E
  • Hezilan, S. Coop
  • Ingenor, S. Coop
  • Ipartek Servicios Informaticos, S. Coop
  • Koopera Ambiente, S. Coop
  • Koopera Mediterranea, S. Coop
  • Koopera Servicios Sociales y Formación, S. Coop
  • KPR Consulting, S. Coop.
  • Oldberri, S. Coop
  • Red social Koopera, S. Coop
  • Satebi, S. Coop

Vertical Transport

  • Orona, S. Coop.
  • Electra Vitoria, S. Coop.
  • Fundación Orona –  Orona Fundazioa
  • Orona EIC, S. Coop.
  • Ulahi, S.A.
  • Ascensores Galo, S.L.
  • Ascensors Girona, S.A.U.
  • Balear de Ascensores, S.L.
  • Bayfer, SLU
  • Diez y Herreros, SLU
  • M.A.R. Taller Eléctrico, S.L.

Aerospace and aeronautics

  • ONA


  • Grupo Berotz
  • Indar – Ingeteam
  • Industrias Laneko
  • Hydroo
  • Industrial Barranquesa, SA


  • Orbea, S. Coop.
  • Bayeco Limpieza Ecológica
  • Betik
  • Sears
  • Bodegas Bai Gorri, SA
  • Montte, S. L
  • Bide Onera Vasca, S. Coop
  • Eroski bidaiak, S. Coop
  • Garlan, S. Coop
  • Unión de Cosecheros Labastida, S. Coop
  • Urkaiko, S. Coop

Concrete, Aggregates, and Waste management

  • Industrias Leblan, S.L

Industrial Facilities

  • Electricidad Durango, S. Coop
  • Ferlo, S. Coop


  • Industrias Landu, S. Coop
  • Iner, S. Coop
  • Talleres Mitxelena, S. Coop.
  • UZ, S. Coop
  • Berriola, S. Coop.
  • Fagor Arrasate, S. Coop.
  • Fagor Automation, S. Coop.
  • Industrias de Embutición, S.A.
  • Koniker, S. Coop.
  • Mondragon Assembly, S. Coop.
  • Mondragon Assembly, S.A.
  • RDi Met, S.L
  • Urola, S. Coop.

Tooling and Systems

  • Aurrenak, S. Coop.
  • Batz Energy, S.L.U.
  • Batz, S. Coop.
  • FPK Lightweight Technologies, S. Coop.
  • Kiro Robotics, S.L.
  • Loramendi, S. Coop.
  • Matrici, S. Coop.
  • Matrici Sistemas e Ingeniería, S.A.
  • MB Sistemas S. Coop
  • MB Tooling Rioja, S.L.
  • MB Tooling S.A.
  • Batz C 5
  • Batz Systema (M&D)
  • Batz Systems Kunshan
  • Batz System MEXICO
  • Batz System Czech
  • Industrias Navi, S.L.


  • Orkli, S. Coop.
  • Copreci, S. Coop.
  • Matz-Erreka, S. Coop.
  • Fagor Electrónica, S. Coop.
  • Eika, S. Coop.
  • Industrias Tajo, S. Coop.
  • Embega, S. Coop.
  • Altsasuko, S. Coop.
  • Cs Centro Stirling, S.Coop.
  • Isoleika
  • Manchalan, S.A.
  • Treboplast S.R.O.
  • Matz-Erreka Automatic Doors
  • Vaxer Teknik


  • Centro de Promoción Fagor, S.Coop
  • Domusa Calefacción, S. Coop.
  • Edesa, S. Coop.
  • Eko3r, S. Coop.
  • Fagor, S.Coop
  • Furniture Group Mueble, S.L.
  • Galbaian, S. Coop.
  • Sareteknika Servicios Globales de Postventa, S. Coop.


  • Fagor Industrial, S. Coop.
  • Kide, S. Coop.
  • Lana, S. Coop.
  • Etorki, S. Coop.
  • Edenox, S.A.U.
  • Edesa HoReCa Sp. Z o.o.
  • fficold. S.A.
  • Fagor Industrial Mexico
  • Fret-Bar, S.A.
  • Iberjindal, S.L.
  • Lanik
  • Alucoil
  • Nortemar
  • Jagui
  • Ningbo Posa Tech, CO. LTD.
  • Matz Erreka Fasteners
  • Goros, S. Coop

Industrial Automation

  • Fagor Arrasate, S. Coop.
  • Fagor Automation, S. Coop.
  • Mondragon Assembly, S. Coop.
  • Urola, S. Coop.
  • Berriola, S. Coop.
  • Industrias de Embutición, S.A.
  • Koniker, S. Coop.
  • Mondragon Assembly, S.A.
  • RDi Met, S.L


  • Grupo Sidelan Zubiplast
  • Engranatges Rafart, S.L
  • Hierros Tous, S.L.
  • Ebakilan
  • Disaflex

Rail, Aeronautical, Naval

  • Feran-Plast, S.L.
  • Ayzar, SA
  • Razya, S A

Laser cutting

  • Burguilaser,SL
  • Elay, S.L

Manufacturing of tools, equipment, furniture and machinery

  • Burdinola, S. Coop
  • Equipos de Panificación, S. Coop
  • Goizper, S. Coop
  • Acha, Orbea, Egaña y Cia, SA
  • Ekin, S. Coop
  • Kendu, S. Coop
  • Lan Mobel, S. Coop
  • Mekalki, S. Coop
  • Pingon, S. Coop.
  • Umaran, S. Coop