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Logistics is a strategic tool that helps companies improve their competitiveness, as it has a deep impact on their supply chain.

Companies not only have to produce a good at competitive costs, thanks to logistics they can also provide customers with the products or services they demand, in the right place at the right time, in the best conditions and at an optimal cost, to meet much more efficiently and effectively the requirements of the supply chain.

At Ategi, we design and implement solutions tailored to the transport needs of our customers, companies of all sizes that are present in different industrial sectors, bringing their Road transport, Air freight and Sea Freight needs together, offering them a suitable service

We provide advisory services to add value to our clients, both at the economic level and optimising the transport, by streamlining the suppliers’ panel or the correct services to be used, to name but two.

Road transport

  • We work with top-tier suppliers, providing our customers with the best levels of service, flexible solutions and timely collections and deliveries. Different companies, different sectors, different sizes and different needs, that is the reason why we have worked on the design of a joint purchase-based solution that satisfies them all.
  • We have negotiated for our clients an attractive and flexible transportation of all types of cargo that fulfills their distribution and supply needs, all over the Iberian Peninsula and Europe, in the following types of transport:
    • National Courier service
    • National and international Parcel service
    • International Groupage service
    • National and international FLC and PLC service

Air freight

  • According to the needs of our customers all over the world, we negotiate with global suppliers and service specialists that combine the air cargo and the courier services, that offer a wide range of services and have alliances with first-class carriers ( airlines) to guarantee the geographical and service coverage that we require, that give high quality service, guarantee space allotment and optimum pricing for the air freight needs.
  • The services we offer in this family include:
    • Air cargo (consolidated services, door-to-door, hazardous cargo, full and part charters ……)
    • International Courier service ( global courier and express shipments for both freight and documents)

Sea freight

In the internationalisation and development of our clients, Sea Freight is a must, so at Ategi, regardless the industry, size, commodity or key markets, we help our clients to meet their needs with advantageous agreements closed with the suppliers, and counselling them on the most suitable means and itineraries in each case. We fulfill the needs of our clients with an in-land service.

  • Full Container Load (FCL)
    Our approach to sea freight management ensures efficiency and the best economic conditions to our clients through direct negotiations with a group of strategic partners, the main shipping companies, that provide our clients with expertise with market-specific, flexibility to their import and export needs (out of gage cargo or projects included), frequent departures on all major trade lanes on a door-to-door or port-to-port basis, the best transit times and terminal conditions, and which guarantee space and equipment, among other advantages.
    We count on global forwarders to coordinate the sea freight shipments to meet the demanding shipping requirements of the clients.
  • Groupage (LCL)
    We also address the customers’ maritime groupage needs, both in import and export, with global suppliers that coordinate and manage the sea freight shipments, that guarantee capacity and frequent departures to a vast choice of destinations, whether intercontinental or short sea routes, with the most competitive rates.

Other families