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Office and industrial supplies


This category comprises a wide and diverse range of products and services required by companies. Although they are categories of products and services that, at the individual level, are not among the top priorities in the purchase management because of their relative weight, taken as a whole, they represent a significant percentage of the expenditure, with remarkable potential of optimisation.

At Ategi we cover the complete purchasing management cycle, from the analysis of our customers’ needs, the tenders and negotiation, the award proposals, notify the successful tenderer and conclude the contract, to the implementation and monitoring of the agreements awarded.

We rely on the joint purchase of different supplies to improve costs, but with high standard service.

We also develop tailor made projects on demand.

Our management is aimed at optimising the total supply cost of our customers, rather than merely the improvement of tariff prices. Different services such as Kanban management, restocking of vending machines, customised deliveries, and codification of articles, among other services included in the awarded agreements, enhance our add value to our management.

The main categories managed by ATEGI are:

Office supplies

  • It encompasses a wide range of items necessary in the office, such as writing supplies, binders, folders and filing, notebooks, storage and organization supplies, copy and multipurpose papers, toners and printer cartridges, etc.
  • We offer our customers a wide catalogue with over 1.200 references, updated according to their needs, as well as an efficient delivery service within 24-48 hours throughout the country.

Industrial supplies

Personal protective equipament

  • All the Personal Protective Equipment appropriate for your business, such as gloves, safety shoes, boots, safety goggles and glasses, helmets, safety belts, safety harnesses, earmuffs and earplugs, dust masks, dust and chemical respirators, reflective vests or other accessories, that comply with the European Standard for risk management.


  • Workwear such as trousers, shirts, vests, pants, gowns, jackets, work overalls and coveralls, flame resistant and antistatic clothes, reflective clothing…., and, of course, customized job wear. We negotiate all our customers’ needs no matter their sector or size.
  • We also manage comprehensive workwear projects, from custom-made tailoring to other related services such as laundry, repair and restocking of garments in the locker of our customers, just to improve their efficiency.


  • It consists of a wide variety of industry supplies, such as:
    • Cutting and abrasion tools;
    • Hand tools;
    • Measurement and control
    • Portable machinery;
    • Abrasives;
    • Screws, screwdrivers and screwdriver bits
    • Adhesives, etc.

to name but a few.

Industrial gases

  • A number of sectors such as metals and material processing, glass, water and wastewater treatment, food, healthcare, energy, oil and gas, laboratories, freezing and refrigeration industry, oenology, etc. use industrial gases in their production process. Given the broad spectrum of application, our customers’ needs vary largely depending on the volume, purity of the gas, mixture, and handling equipment.
  • Our goal is to meet all of our customers’ needs in a customised way, helping them to get lower long-term costs, raise productivity and increase operational flexibility. To do so, we negotiate with the main suppliers so that our customers can enjoy the best prices and services.

Facility management projects

  • More and more customers require tailor-made solutions in purchasing management; efficiency is taken for granted, so we complement our management with additional services that bring greater value.
  • We develop tailored projects to each customer, taking care of the design, implementation and monitoring of secondary business providing greater specialisation, speed, and efficiency in the performance of support services integrated under unique management, so he can focus on his core business.

General services

Graphic services

We manage the purchase of printing needs of corporate stationery such as business cards, headed paper or envelopes, as well as other products, such as catalogues, brochures, posters, presentation folders, stickers, three-fold leaflets, two-fold leaflets, and flyers.

Translation and interpreting

  • The greater presence of our companies in international markets entails the need for a high-quality translation and interpreting service that, while remaining true to the original, and respecting the idiosyncrasies of the target language, specialize in the sectors the customers work in.
  • Therefore, we have a service, which is able to find the most accurate way of translating the text, message and style of the document in hand, which complies with the UNE 15038 standard. We have a supplier of advanced solutions based on the use of technology, with over 400 certified translators and over 150 language pairs for companies with translation needs.

Conventional cleaning and industrial cleaning

  • We offer customised solutions for all types of companies, no matter their size or activity, ensuring an ideal level of cleaning.
  • We look for an efficient management of this category so that our customers can optimise the resources required and reduce costs.

Hazardous Industrial Waste Management

  • Industrial processes lead to an increase in the generation of hazardous waste. In the last decades, however, there has been a growing concern regarding the preservation of the environment and the adequate management of hazardous industrial waste.
  • For the European Union, the best solution is to prevent the production of such waste, reintroducing it into the product cycle by recycling its components, when there are ecologically and economically viable methods of doing so
  • At ATEGI, we share this vision and assist our clients in the proper management of hazardous waste based on its adequate classification according to the Commission Decision 2014/955/UE until its final treatment, in compliance with the applicable legislation, at a reduced cost.

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