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ATEGI ha confiado en Messer como proveedor de gases para sus clientes

Marion Riedel, Messer Iberica.     Gases for life.  Nº 25/ October 2018

Broad participation,  Interview: Marta Pardo.  ATEGI    


Could you give us a brief introduction to your company?
ATEGl is part of the MONDRAGON Group, a combine of 268 cooperatives and businesses operating in the industrial, financial and sales sectors. With 73,635 employees and a turnover of almost 12 biliion euros, it is one of the largest companies in Spain. ATEGI was formed within the Group in 2001 as an initiative for joint buying. More than 300 businesses and groupings are now involved in ATEG1 – including from outside the Group -, for whom we offer an international buying service.

What plans does ATEGI have?
Last year, we grew by 18 per cent globally and by 26 per cent in terms of intemational buying. In the process, we generated average savings of 15 per cent for our customers. By 2020, we want to achieve annual growth of ten per cent. We place particular emphasis on the continuous intensification of our customer focus, the provisión of high value-added services and the expansión of our international activities.  ATEGI is always open to other businesses that are interested in our buying process. We want to strengthen our position as a Spanish reference company in purchasing management,

Why did you choose Messer as your supplier of gases?
ATEGl was looking for a partner who would guarantee the best conditions for its customers within the Group. Apart from a competitive price, we consider aspects such as knowhow and technical support, including the ability to offer alternative solutions.  The service must be able to meet present and future requirements. We are convinced that Messer can do all of this, providing added value that enhances our customers competrtiveness.

What do you produce that involves the use of gases?
Among other things, our group produces steel, machine tools, car parts and electrical components.

What are the gases used for?
We have customers in more than 25 branches of industry. The gases are not only used for welding processes but also for a range of other applications such as oxyfuel and plasma welding, láser cutting, pressure application, metal contraction, heat treatment and metal casting, to name but a few.

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