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China: nuevas medias anticontaminación del Gobierno. ¿Cómo nos afectan?

Las recientes medidas anti-contaminación puestas en marcha por el Gobierno chino van a transformar la industria en este país. Entender el impacto que las mismas tendrán (y , de hecho, están ya teniendo) en las empresas chinas es fundamental para anticipar cómo va a impactar también en nuestro negocio y en nuestra relación con las empresas de este país.

El Director de la oficina de ATEGI en China, Barry Chen, nos da su visión sobre este tema.

“China has implemented an unprecedented pollution crackdown in recent months as the country shuts down tens of thousands of factories. The effort is part of a national effort to address China’s infamous pollution and has affected wide swaths of China’s manufacturing sector.

In total, it is estimated that 40 percent of all China’s factories have been shut down at some point in order to be inspected by environmental bureau officials. As a result of these inspections over 80,000 factories have been hit with fines and criminal offenses as a result of their emissions.

Safety officials have been moving from province to province (30 in total so far) shutting down factories as well as electricity and gas as they inspect the factories for meeting emissions requirements. This has resulted in late and missed orders, increased costs, and could ultimately result in higher prices on US shelves.

China’s government has recently taken a more proactive approach in regulating environmental laws, something that was largely overlooked in past decades. The crackdown has resulted in everything from hefty fines to jail time for the more egregious violators. This has temporarily stopped production from wide swaths of factories along China’s east coast and forced some factory owners to move supply chains to other countries.”

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